Our Product of the Month is… Zoll’s AED Plus!

Our Product of the Month is… Zoll’s AED Plus!

Call today for information on Zoll’s AED Plus featuring Real CPR Help.
Real CPR Help is a CPR feedback tool that is able to actually see what you are [...]

We need your help!

It’s important for us to know if we’re supplying the products and services you deserve. Are there items you want which we don’t stock? How is our service?  Are there improvements we [...]

The Icon Jacket from Tingley is here!

The Icon jacket from Tingley is made from fabric that is both breathable and waterproof, making it comfortable year-round. The jacket features a roll-away hood, a full-vented cape back, [...]

The Zoll AED Plus


Many victims will only require CPR and not a shock. ZOLL is the only AED on the market that is equipped with Real CPR Help technology that guides you [...]

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What Clients Say

“For quite some time now BELD has been using the services which Hawkins Safety offers, for our rubber goods testing. We are extremely pleased with the level of service they provide. We test our gloves monthly, and just like clockwork the tested gloves arrive on time for our crews to change out. The whole process is easy and painless. We would not think of taking our business anywhere else!”
“Extremely satisfied with their customer service, willing to assist in product search, knowledgeable in the safety field, and very important for us that pricing is very competitive. “
Jorge Duque, Bacon Felt Company
“Great customer service all around! Staff is knowledgeable and courteous. The response time for any questions on their variety of products or pricing is super. If a product you receive is not up to your standards they’ll take it back and find something for you that will. I’ve been doing business with Hawkins Safety for 25yrs… never had a problem. It’s been a pleasure!”
John Smiarowski, Town of Danvers, MA
“I have been using Hawkins for most of my safety supply needs, Kathy and Vicki go that extra mile to make sure you have what you need when you need it. There are many companies out there that can supply goods, but Hawkins makes you feel like they are not only taking care of your order, they make you feel like they care.”
Michael LeClair, Safety & Health Director, Global Environmental Solutions
“You provide excellent customer service, fast delivery and are easy people to work with. From the beginning to the end of our purchasing experience you work in complete partnership with us. We are very happy with Hawkins Safety’s quality of service and look forward to continuing our positive long term relationship with Vicki and her growing team.”
Renee Lefevre, NH Electric Co-op